Welcome to MainStreet.Finance! We’re a DeFi crypto hub originating with our token $MAINST on BNBChain in June 2021! We aim to be one of the most recognizable cryptocurrency brands amongst web3 users. Creating a platform, ecosystem, and community centered around empowering the crypto users.
Through different partnerships and networking we’ve created a network of DeFi projects which align with our visions and focus for our community. Similar to the functionality of every town's Main Street; A focal point of commerce, retail, and socialization to create a thriving space for overall growth and expansion. Each of these projects ultimately contribute to our $MAINST token in different ways. Helping support and build the ecosystem which supports it
🚀 Vision
To be one of cryptocurrencies most recognizable platforms. Where users can harness all the necessary tools and information while empowering themselves through decentralized finance
👨‍🚀 Mission
Accelerate mass adoption by empowering web3 users through decentralized finance
🧠 Focus

Mid/Long Term

Currently MainStreet.Finances mid/long term focus is an app we’re developing to materialize our hub concept. Aiming to be comparable to SafePal and other providers which centralize web3 resources and tools for users.

Short Term

Continue to build out our DeFi hub and community, alongside helping contribute to the success of our other associated co-op projects. All while making the strategic moves, connections, and partnerships to accomplish our long term goals.