Engagement Economy

Main Street is excited to announce the launch of our Engagement Economy! Driving community activity and engagement is a must for any project, but especially important for a community ecosystem such as Main Street. Loyal users will now be able to earn 💵's while helping us grow our platform and community!
🧐 Hows it work?
Every user will start with a "balance" of 💵's, which can be earned through engagement and community participation! Then used in our Main Street rewards store to purchase merch, NFTs, and more items from your favorite projects! Here are the ways you can earn!
Engage- Chat to earn, submit quality original tweets, suggest tweets to be raided, refer people to the project; There’s endless ways to earn 💵's his way!
Casino- Use the casino to try to turn those 💵's faster! Current available games are !slot-machine, !blackjack, and !roulette! See the description of the #Casino channel for for specifics!
Purchases- Purchases of $MAINST tokens, Money Monkeys, or mints of any of our Main Street associated co-op projects can earn you 💵's! Just submit proof of your purchases and receive earnings!
🛒 What can my earnings get me?
Engagement Economy 💵's are an off chain currency, but they can still buy you some sweet prizes. Customizable merch, NFTs, and more will be available in our upcoming Main Street Shop! We will continue to build out these offerings as the concept progresses!